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We are located in the mountains of Western North Carolina in the town of Asheville. We organized in November 2007 to provide a safe atmosphere of growth, support and camaraderie for those individuals who are interested or actively pursuing the Leather/Levi lifestyle. At that time we formed a steering committee of twelve. From there the offices of, President, Vice-President, Secretary and Treasurer were elected and a Board of Directors of seven was seated. We are prideful of our Leather heritage and who we are as individuals and a club as we move forward into the future.

We are a social, nonprofit group of gay men that promote a positive leather image and lifestyle while contributing to charitable causes in the GLBTQ community. We do this without judgment, discrimination, or persecution in the name of brotherhood and friendship. We encourage safe, sane, and consenting practices in Leather, Levis, Latex, Rubber, Uniforms, Fetish Related Sensuality or Sexuality, and other Alternative Lifestyles through awareness, education and goodwill.
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